Socrates the Skinhead: The Life of a Russian Antifascist

Sonntag, 12:00 Uhr, online (zoom)

Buchvorstellung und Diskussion mit Радикальная теория и практика (englisch)

This newly printed publication is a collection of memoirs about Aleksei Sutuga, a Russian anti-fascist and anarchist. Together with materials from his interviews and prison recollections, it presents a comprehensive chronicle of the most active period in the history of the anti-fascist movement in Russia.

Unfortunately, the Russian state has monopolized anti-fascism and has engaged in the murder of the inhabitants of Ukraine. However, there once was a different kind of anti-fascism that resulted in death, prison, and emigration for its participants. The editor of the Russian-language edition of the book will discuss what the contemporary anti-war and anti-fascist movements can learn from the experience of Russian anti-fascists. We will also explore the importance of recording and researching recent history.

Aleksei Sutuga, aka Socrates, was an anarchist and anti-fascist. He played a key role in founding the anarchist organization Autonomous Action. He participated in the Teatr.Doc performances about torture applied to anarchists in prison. He was prosecuted and recognized as a political prisoner. Socrates passed away on 1 September 2020, due to injuries sustained in a fight unrelated to politics.

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